Unfortunately, I don’t have any images to share in this blog post. Art and copyright can be so edgy at times, so for now this post remains just text. Please do google for the art I mention. I have a list here too of pieces I like.


I’ve recently found quite a love for surrealist art. There’s a sense of reality, sometimes familiarity to a piece of art. Yet really the experience focuses on unfamiliarity. The deliberate strangeness of a particular masterpiece, and the way it can invoke certain emotions so effectively. I adore the serene art of Vladimir Kush, as well as the bizzare Carlo Salomoni and yet too Lewis Carroll’s writings. Surrealism can be in your face, like Salvador Dali’s famous masterpiece. Yet many artists find a way to immerse us and disguise surrealism, as realism. My favourite example of this “disguised surrealism” is in Miyamoto’s Super Mario franchise.

I am still discovering this genre of art, music and writing. Please feel free to continue this discussion with me over email.

A list of surreal artists I like

  • Marc Schattner (Aussie)
  • Carlo Salomoni
  • Vladimir Kush
  • Salvador Dali
  • Igorrr (Musician)